Friday, November 13, 2015

Fine And Dandy Jewelry's Reveal for the Superstition Blog Hop Sponsored by Paisley Lizard

Friday the 13th is finally here, along with my submission for the Superstition blog hop! A big thank you to my friend, Tammy Adams, of Paisley Lizard here for hosting this blog hop and making the adorable lucky black cats! I was thrilled when Tammy announced that she had made 13 lucky black cats, and would be giving them away to the first 13 people to comment on her blog. I got one! My teenage daughter has been ogling it ever since I got it.

Here's the necklace I made:
It reminds me of a cat stargazing at night. Think of the "Figaro" episode with Sylvester and Elmer Fudd!
I love the pink and black with the shiny gunmetal.

Twelve lucky stars and one on the extender. It's a 20" chain, plus the extension. Very comfortable and lightweight to wear!

Now, for the story behind the creation. I considered many superstitions that would have been fun to incorporate into a piece of jewelry. If I had just the right bit of ladder shaped chain, I would have used it (it's bad luck to walk under a ladder). I had some wood beads (knock on wood for luck), but they didn't go along with my design. I have some crackle beads (step on a crack, break your mother's back), but decided to keep it simple. Of course, I used the black cat. Many people believe it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path. I mounted this one onto a midnight toned gunmetal filigree that frames it quite nicely. I added 13 (because it's a superstitious number) stars (because people wish on them for luck). They are pink rhodonite star beads, and doesn't the black and pink look pretty together?  You can find the chain at B'sue Boutiques Jewelry Supply as well as the jump rings.

Read this article for 10 superstitions about stars. I never heard of some of these! But I'm sure you've heard or said "Well thank my lucky stars..."

I'm not sure if I will list this in my Etsy shop or keep this one. I might just share it with my daughter! I hate to part with my limited edition kitty. 

This is  the list of participants in the blog hop. Start with Tammy, and then you can skip mine since you've already visited, and go on to Betony's next. I love comments, and so do the other hoppers, so feel free to comment on the pieces they've worked so hard on. Thanks again, Tammy, and thank YOU!

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