Friday, June 3, 2011

What I Love About Artfire

With the many online and local venues available to crafters for selling their art, what makes Artfire shine above the rest?  I would like to share my top five things I love about Artfire:

1.  Artfire is customizable to Pro users.  Besides adding a custom banner, you may set the colors of your shop, add widgets, custom footer, many shop sections, the list goes on!  No bland pages here, where your shop looks just the same as everyone else's.

2.  Artfire has no restrictions about you posting links to other shops, like Etsy.  You can link to your Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, blog, personal website, YouTube, Flikcr, Blogger, and more.  It's a great way to let buyers know more about you, and see you as a trusted vendor.

3.  On Artfire, your items may be bought by anyone easily.  They do not have to sign up or have an account to purchase your item.  This makes it so user friendly, and more likely to complete a sale rather than having buyers abandon their cart!

4.  Pro users pay one monthly rate for unlimited listings, with NO commission, NO expirations or relistings.  Period.  As a business owner, this allows for easier budgeting of monthly expenses, more creative freedom in listing as much as you want, and no lost sales due to expired things that you forgot to re-list.

5.  With Artfire, Pro users get a great looking blog included in their shop!  How wonderful to have everything all in one place!  Potential buyers can easily browse your shop, read your bio, and check out your blog to really get to know you.  Handcrafted selling is all about the personal connection between the seller and buyer, and Artfire's "non-sterile" atmosphere makes the shopping experience just like walking into a cozy shop in a small town Artisan's Row.

One phrase the keeps coming to mind is "user-friendly".  I love the layout, and everything about Artfire.  I'm proud to be part of this growing community.  If you are seeing the benefits too, and would like to try it out, use this linkfor  One month FREE Artfire Pro

Thanks for stopping by!