Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fine and Dandy Jewelry is joining the Change It Up Blog Hog in September sponsored by B'sue Boutiques

The theme is going to be "Vintage Flair" which sounds right up my alley!

Isn't that cute?  And isn't this true about so many things in life?  For this blog hop, we are give the choice of 4 different components.  You may use one or all, but the goal is to use it differently than usual. Cut it up, flip it, colorize it...make it your own.  These are the pieces to choose from, and are available at http://www.bsueboutiques.com by Brenda Sue (B'sue) Lansdowne, who is sponsoring this blog hop!

I can't say which one or ones I am using; however I placed my order early and already have what I'm going to use!

It's been awhile since I posted.  Fact is, I've been pretty busy with my new Finding Your Direction Line from the Build a Line Challenge back in the spring.  I've had great success with my compass themed jewelry.  I also had a secondary line spin off of that one, featuring the hand stamped jewelry.  Here's some of the pieces I made:

The bible verse cuffs have no compass, but turned out beautifully and led me to make Father's Day key chains with bible verses.  I had some custom orders with REALLY inspiring stories behind the gift they were ordering!  The last photo was a custom order I made for a lady and three of her best friends; they got matching "Follow Your Dreams" key chains and necklaces.

And then, all this stamping and stuff led me to another great idea for these beauties below.  The crystals are real natural faceted crystal, and they throw rainbows all over the place.  The main piece is a Victorian style luggage tag that I've stamped and added patina to.  I'm going to have to keep Grace.  What a beauty.  Not only do I enjoy the idea of wearing the affirmation close to my heart, but the crystal has energizing properties.  And who can't use more energy?
I even got a custom order for a necklace with custom stamping for a customer's first 5K race.  And I'm really loving the stories behind custom orders!

So, I'll be updating again soon with some other projects I've been making.  As I've been working on compass themed pieces and pondering the idea of travel, I had a little mini revelation about how to categorize my shop.  I won't tell you now, but look for news on that to come soon.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you at the blog hop next month!


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